Wine cellar design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Wine cellar ideas and inspiration

Wine cellars are a luxurious dream which many homeowners don’t even consider. However, if you feel that your love for wine deserves its own room, then there are many options for you. Whether you would prefer a vintage room or a modern hideaway, it is easy to create the perfect wine cellar when you have the know-how.

Whether you already know what you would like, or whether you need a little inspiration, you will be able to easily find ideas everywhere. From magazines to the internet, there are hundreds of ideas for beautiful wine cellars.

With homify you can filter your results to make sure you are only looking at the pictures which suit you. There are many different wine cellar pictures and you can even filter the style. Better yet, it is possible to save your pictures to an Ideabook so that they are all in one place for when you need them, you can even add text to help jog your memory!

What makes the perfect wine cellar?

The perfect wine cellar has to be an inviting place where you can keep all of your best bottles in the right conditions. Your perfect wine cellar may be a luxurious place which you can impress your guests with, or a solitary place in which you can collect some of the best wines from across the globe. Either way, knowing the dimensions of your room and having the right storage and style is essential for having a perfect wine cellar.

Having the right temperature in the room is essential for your wine. Therefore, hiring a professional to help make sure you know that all your most expensive bottles are not being ruined may be very helpful.

You should also make sure that you have the right storage for your wine; there are hundreds of options here too—from simple wine racks to more impressive wine cabinets. Always make sure that you know your budget though as creating the perfect wine cellar can be a very expensive business.

Where can I find wine cellar ideas?

There are many places you can find ideas for your wine cellar; from visiting a local wine shop to searching online. With homify you can easily search for the best wine cellar options for you. There are hundreds of choices from modern wine cellars to traditional ones.

You may find that a wine cellar is one the easiest rooms to style, especially if you have a passion for wine. Having the perfect place to store your bottles is essential and if you have been dreaming of a wine cellar for a while then you may be able to find professionals, such as interior architects or designers who can include your favourite ideas, from spiral cellars to wine cases!

How do I go about building a wine cellar?

If you are building your home from scratch then choosing to have a wine cellar is not too difficult if you have an architect working on your home. However, if you are deciding to install a wine cellar after your house has been built, then this may be a more difficult option. Always try to scope out a space which is suitable before you go about changing the structure of your home and always remember to consult a professional so that you don’t make any expensive mistakes!

It is also worth remembering that having the right equipment for your wine cellar is essential to make sure that everything is stored properly. You may consider having a wine cooler or even a wine fridge in order to chill your favourites.

Often the best way is to already have a space in mind for where you would your wine cellar to be. This way you won’t require an architect to change the structure of your home and will be able to create your perfect room with just the use of a certain style and wine storage techniques.

What walls should I choose for my wine cellar?

The answer to this question is entirely dependent on what look you would like to try and create with your wine cellar. If you prefer a modern style then keeping the walls light and bright is important. However, if you prefer a traditional wine cellar then you may choose darker colours to work with wooden storage and old bottles.

The options for what you can achieve with the walls of your wine cellar are endless and so it is well worth putting in the effort to make sure you know exactly what you would like.

What type of flooring should I put in my wine cellar?

The most obvious choice for flooring in your wine cellar is wood. It is one of the most stylish and more popular options. However, if you are hoping to create a look which is more industrial, then you may consider a concrete floor. Other options may be using tiles; this can create a rustic look. Having the right flooring in your home really adds to the value of a house, therefore having a professional to give you a quote on what is best for you may be a good idea. 

At the end of the day, everything is entirely about personal taste and with your flooring you have the ability to decide which you like the most and create a room which you will love spending time in.

Where can I find wine cellar storage ideas?

Having the right storage is also extremely important, whether this be wooden wine racks or an old fashioned wall wine rack. There are even options such as wine cabinets which can be a beautiful way to store and show off your best bottles. When you come to build your wine cellar it is essential that you have everything measured before you buy your storage ideas!

If you do not have the right storage then your wine cellar could easily turn into another pantry where nothing is in the right place! Having specific wine racks will mean that the room fits its intended purpose. Investing in decent storage solutions is something which is highly recommended when building your wine cellar.

Are there any specific tips for decorating my wine cellar?

Depending on the size of your room and your budget, there are many different tips when it comes to decorating a wine cellar. The most important thing is to make sure that your wine is the main focus of the room and that it does not become another store cupboard in your home! This means you should make sure you have great storage which has been properly installed, either by yourself or a professional.

If you do not want wine bottles to be the only focus of the room then you may consider including mirrors to make the room look larger or using spiral staircases, adding an interesting period feature.

By checking out wine cellar ideas on homify, you will come across many different tips and tricks for decorating your wine cellar!

How do I accessorise my wine cellar?

The obvious answer to this question is simply to fill your wine cellar with as many beautiful and retro bottles as possible. However, if you are unable to restock your wine cellar as frequently as you would like, simply use the finished bottles and decorate your room with those. Another obvious solution is to use corks throughout the room, to help give the impression of a winery.

More wine cellar styles:

Depending on the style in the rest of your home, you may either want your wine cellar to continue with this theme or be a small haven and distraction from the rest of the house. There are so many different ideas and options so it is definitely worth pursuing homify to make sure that you know exactly what you like before you begin designing and building.

How to: Classic wine cellar style

Classic wine cellars are often the most envy inspiring of all the styles as they should look well put together and as though your home has always had a traditional wine cellar with all of the best brands. If you have a classic style home then you will find that having a wine cellar can be a great investment, especially for dinner parties with guests!

How to: Eclectic wine cellar style

An eclectic wine cellar style is something which can be more fun to create, having interesting wine cupboards and quirky features is a brilliant way to show off your favourite bottles in a different and personalised way! A great way to have a quirky feature in your home is to consider spiral cellars too, the interesting design has a very eclectic feel and is an impressive addition which may impress future home buyers!

How to: Scandinavian wine cellar style

Having a Scandinavian wine cellar style is all about the right technology. An important part of this look is that it is up to date and highly fashionable. Choosing more neutral colours is the key. You may also want to consider high tech wine colours and storage, from glass cases to impressive cabinets. This is a great style to use tiled flooring and make everything look as up to date as possible!

How to: Industrial wine cellar style

An industrial wine cellar style is something which is not often chosen but if you have this theme throughout your home then it may work extremely well in your wine cellar too. The style is all about concrete floors, darker colours and an overall industrial feel!