Asian yacht and jet design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Yachts and jets is definitely one our most glamorous sections; it is luxury and prestige by sea and air.


Yachts are essentially small boats that can go sail the seas, with or without a motor. They must have in common however, their use must be for recreational, sport or leisure only. A yacht can never be intended for commercial fishing, passenger or freight, but can be rented to third parties, provided that the objective of these is recreational.


Initially, the term jet, referred to a type of aircraft propelled by jet engines. Today, we talk about private jets when it comes to smaller aeroplanes, rather than commercial aircrafts, which are used for private or chartered purposes only. Hidden beneath their steel facades, and aeronautical technology, are everyday and useful spaces: kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and ensuite bathrooms can be found, embodying the very best of design and interior decoration. It is within these confines, that functionality and luxury are married together to create the ultimate couple. 

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